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A Vision of Moonlight

& Other Stories
Available 9/5/23

An illustrated book cover. A woman with flowing locs gazes up at the moon, her eyes aglow. She holds a skull in her hands. A border features dragons and mermaids in black and dark purple.

Collecting stories from 2019 - 2021, including two anthologized stories and a new collection-exclusive short.

Loneliness and queer desire haunt these stories, and as often as there is despair, there is hope. Gods, dragon keepers, death witches, seekers, and lovers reach for intimacy and find startling answers.

In “On Lore,” a woman tries to save her girlfriend from the allure of nightmares. “In Our Season” finds a couple vacationing in Iceland's fairytale summer only to be confronted with the emotional pain of its winters. A woman who lives her life covered in snakes grieves her mother’s death, and a girl with moonstone eyes plots a desperate escape from Earth.

Poison becomes liberation. Kisses are most transformative when they draw blood. These stories are glittering pieces of sapphic fantasy, each served like red fruit on a black mirror.

Please note that while many of these stories feature sapphic characters in relationships, they are not romances and often explore darker themes such as death and mourning.

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