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Tamara Jerée is a games writer, poet, and short fiction writer. A graduate of Purdue University’s Creative Writing MFA Program and the Odyssey Writing Workshop, they write angsty speculative fiction with queer protagonists. Their poem "goddess in forced repose" was nominated for the inaugural Ignyte Award. They are sometimes at work on a novel.



Short Stories

"Not Death, Nor the Storm" - Unfettered Hexes: Queer Tales of Insatiable Darkness

"In Our Season" - Professor Charlatan Bardot’s Travel Anthology

"In Case You're the One to Devour a Star" - Beneath Ceaseless Skies

"At the Mouth of the Sea" - Mermaids Monthly

"A Serpent for Each Year" - Strange Horizons

"The Future in Saltwater" - Anathema: Spec from the Margins

"Our Souls to the Moon" - Strange Horizons

"On Lore" - Fireside Magazine

"When You Find a Dragon, Name Them for Me" - FIYAH Literary Magazine


"the most humane methods could involve a knife" - Uncanny Magazine

"if Saturn" - Arsenika

"Warship Captain Application [Section 29.2 saved as draft in SAIS]" - Strange Horizons

"goddess in forced repose" - Uncanny Magazine (Disabled People Destroy Fantasy)

"upon learning my girlfriend is a mermaid" - Twisted Moon

"in the Cult of Nearly-Lost Dreams" - Strange Horizons

"Self-Care for Villains" - Liminality


"Making the Most of Intro to Game Making" - Code Coven

"How to Make a Family: Queer Blood Bonds in Black Feminist Vampire Novels" - Strange Horizons


Fallen London - "The Rose Giveth Its Verses to Devils and Also to You"

Fallen London is a free-to-play browser game set in an alternate universe gothic London. As part of a traineeship with Failbetter Games, I authored new seasonal content including advent calendar items and story branches, expanding player interaction with the devils and their lore.

Project Curie

As part of the creative team for Star Stable Entertainment's new MMORPG, I've been working on various worldbuilding and storytelling tasks, centering QTPOC characters.




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